Monday, July 6, 2009

£13,000 for food

What has Jane Kennedy been eating, Caviare and lobster every night? Does she shop in Harrods?

I'm talking about the shocking news that JFK (as her ex is rumoured to call her) has managed to spend £13,000 on food in just four years, and claimed it on her expenses.

Since this is supposed to only be food for her London home, where she lives alone for half the week, we can only assume she spends just as much the rest of the week when she is back in Liverpool with her boyfriend.

Perhaps she could furnish some recipts to show that she doesn't live in opulance when we are paying the bill, but more within her means when she is paying?

News that this information was being circulated around Kensington was enough to send my nemesis Lou-Bo into a rage at the Newsham Park Arts Festival.

Jane really should get down to that nice Mr Moffat's shop, I'm sure he will do her a good deal on sausages or a piece of pork, which should keep her satisfied for days without landing the rest of us with a big bill.


Anonymous said...

I was told that she grew her own, but maybe that was something else ?

Anonymous said...

£13,000 over four years is about £62.50 a week.

Ministers spend around two-thirds of their week in London - works out as about 36 weeks rather than 52 - so that's about £90 a week.

So, what you're saying is, our MP spends ever so slightly more on food than your average London student.

Scandalous! My taxes are being spent on beans on toast! I demand caviare and nothing less!

Ethical Bill said...

Pensioners have £95 a week to cover food, gas, electricity, council tax, maintain their homes and duck ponds, refurbish their bathrooms etc.

Until recently she was on £100k a year, I think she could have managed to pay her own shopping bill.

As Ann Widercombe said, does she have to simultaneously maintain two stomachs, one in London and one in her constituency? If so, then it's a legitimate second home expense, if not she was milking the system.

Deggsy said...

That last post is joke.. I think the point to the tale is that she should probably be using her OWN money to buy her food, not MINE.
I pay taxes to go on services, healthcare and education, NOT so my MP can eat when she is getting paid a perfectly good wage to buy her own F***ing food.

It is 'scandalous' and its wrong!

Anonymous said...

Why can't she pay for her own food? Whether she was a Member of Parliament or an ordinary Woman in the street, she would still have to eat. It's not as if she is having to pay for a family food bill and pay her own food bill in London...we all know she left them years ago!!!

Anonymous said...

How much do truffles cost in Fortnum & Mason's these days ?

Anonymous said...

Has she claimed for Badger flavoured crisps ?