Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pile on the £Pounds

You would think that an MP claiming £13,000 worth of food on her expenses wouldn't be so churlish as to complain about putting on weight?

Not so for Jane Kennedy who was featured in the Independent in 2006, complaining how being a
Labour Minister can pile on the pounds (clearly on both your hips and your bank balance!)

"You find you can't get into the dress sizes you want to... You start to think: 'I'm looking dreadful in photographs'... So I started WeightWatchers in June (2005) and by September, I'd lost half a stone." Jane Kennedy January 2006

Jane, I know you're an opponent and I shouldn't really give you advice, but I can recommend trying out Dude's top weightwatchers tip.

BUY LESS FOOD YOU GREEDY HUMAN!!! You will lose weight, and the rest of your electorate will save money! It's win win all round.


Tommy Brock said...

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may - ye electorate may say go away.

- An ode to Jane

Anonymous said...

an ode to croxteth

Croxteth Whopper, I love my KFC delivered by Taxi cab

I thank you

Anonymous said...

Yes... it's a well known fact that Rose loves the taste of Cock...ahem, I mean Chicken!