Monday, July 20, 2009

Annual Dinners

Clearly their is a pecking order for political annual dinners, the more important your constituency is, the bigger the speaker.

I'm told that in recent years Liverpool Lib Dems have had Nick Clegg, Lembit Opik, Paddy Ashdown, to name a few. And I am really looking forward to Vince Cable sharing is economic wisdom with us in a few months.

In contrast, Little-Totherington-Under-Wold Liberal Democrats recently had to make do with a speech from me, on the subjects of beating Labour and the importance of keeping your campaign workers fed and watered.

Labour in Southport have the same problem of course, so it no wonder that, according to my blogging nemesis Lou-Bo Bulldog, they had to make do with West Derby wanabee Stephen Twigg. No doubt sharing his vast expertise on carpet bagging, and what to do if you accidentally get elected after telling your employer that you are just a paper candidate.


Harry W said...

Intresting that you comment on west derby.

given the absymal showing of your party there

of the 3 last elections you have managed to come 2nd to a minority party twice.

I realise you have few activists but does this really extend to not doing any GE campaign at all in west derby?

A real scouse boy said...

You should check your facts before you post comments like that Harry W!

2005 result

Robert Wareing, Labour 19,140
Patrick Maloney, Lib Dem 3,915
Steve Radford, Liberal 3,606
Peter Garrett, Con 2,567
Kai Andersen, Soc Labour 698
Peter Baden, UKIP 538

Clearly it's a two horse race in West Derby!

If anyone should be embarrassed it's the Tories for coming 4th!

Paddy said...

Harry W ? Surely not my old master ?

Guildfordguy said...

I've always loved Tigger but how come, as a West Derby'er I have to choose between TWIGG AND TWIGGER ?
I am almost tempted to cash in me Labour devalued insurance policy and bung up a monkey as the "Twiggy" candidate. I believe in root and branch reform !How say you oh wise one ?

Guilfordian said...

I would not dream of referring to young boys who have received the attentions of blokes from Surrey

harry W said...

real scouse boy my facts are correct

no where did i say that the lib dems didint limp into 2nd place in 2005. i said 2 out the last 3 the LD have been behind a minority party

That is a fact.

perhaps you should read posts more closely before asking people to check their facts

intresting that Twigger is mentioned, he has stated himself that is is not standing allegedy.

the mystery deepens...

A real scouse boy said...

So because the 2005 election results are inconvenient, instead you want to refer to elections in the previous century? Can't wait to see your dodgy bar chart!

What's clear is that the Tories are in 3rd or 4th place and out of the race in every Liverpool constituency, but that won't stop you lying to the electorate next year with the usual "vote labour to keep out the tories".

harry W said...

2001 in the last century?

The problem the Lib dems have is simply one of numbers in west derby

its just an after thought for them
I understand why that is.

id say they have a 50/50 chance in Wavertree. Imagine if they gain an extra couple of thousand in west derby but lost wavertree by 50.

much as id like that to happen I dont see it

West derby is a strange one as the LD's have had most cllrs in the constitueny for a long time, without ever making an impact on Bob Wareing(!!)

although they are on the slide with cllr seats now as well...