Thursday, July 16, 2009

Swine flu update

News just in that Mrs Blair is suspected to have caught a mild case of swine flu.

I trust she will get well soon, but I wonder if this is a legacy from a decade of having a snout in the trough?

Never knowingly missing a freebie, I will never forget the story of how she was in Liverpool for the unveiling of a train, and was offered a commemorative Merseyrail mug. Her response? "Can I have a set of six?" This from a family on at least £1/4 million a year + expenses. Oh how the other half live!


Anonymous said...

Hope she's been snogging that swine of a husband of hers!

Anonymous said...

Is Chris Davies commissioning a commemorative mug celebrating his re-election ? If he is, I'm sure it would cheer her up no end to receive one.