Friday, July 24, 2009

Harry Potter & the Lib Dem campaign

No sooner do I get back from watching the latest instalment of Harry Potter (had to sneak in and watch from under a chair - why is it OK for cinemas to ban dogs?) we find out that our big screen hero is in fact a Liberal Democrat, at least when he's back in the muggle world!

On Gordon Brown, Daniel Radcliffe has this to say: 'Paul Merton said, and I agree with him, "It's a tragedy that this man has waited all his life to do this job - and now he finds out he can't do it."

But he's equally scathing about Cameron, who is "barely distinguishable from Tony Blair." Adding that Labour and the Tories "have nothing to offer to young people."

So as well as being a fantastic and versatile young actor, he also has great political judgement!

Congratulations to Daniel for coming out (politically!) I am sure he can help add a bit of extra magic to the campaign.


Dumbledore said...

Does JKR know ? Does JFK know ? I fancy Colin Eldridge against JFK in a game of Quidditch !

Anonymous said...

Well said Daniel! There is an amusing article on the telegraph blog - from a supposedly serious journalist ranting that this is just proof that Harry Potter is part of a sinister liberal-left agenda!!!

Harold Wilson's ghost said...

Frank Doran rules OK ?