Thursday, May 27, 2010

I told you so

So, as I exclusively revealed, David - The Rottweiler - McElhinney has been cleverly shoehorned in by our glorious leader and will act as our new Chief Executive - and what a masterstroke!

At a meeting yesterday to force out Colin - The Pidgeon - Hilton, Joe had to repeatedly attack bad boy Bradley for asking awkward questions. In the end Joe even had to threaten to have the Lib Dem thrown out of the meeting.

First the meeting agreed to the enforced "retirement" of Colin Hilton at a cost of erm, just under £1/2 Million! But boy it must be worth every penny, I think.

But at least Joe had a cunning plan to spot any embarrassing details leaking out. The reports where tabled at the meeting, and had to be handed back at the end.

Yet Joe's final coup-de-grace was yet to come!

An unexpected report was suddenly placed on the table shortlisting 4 potential candidates for Hilton's replacement, before announcing that two of the candidates didn't actually want the job anyway.

So Joe decided to go ahead and interview both candidates, Dr McElhinney and Cath Green, there and then.

A done deal? You might very well think that, however I couldn't possibly comment. However I can confirm that Dr McElhinney got the job and it will be confirmed later today... but then as regular readers of my blog you knew that days ago didn't you?


Anonymous said...

Joe's trying to run the city like he ran The Munroe pub. And we all know what happened there!

A real scouse boy said...

Back to the 80's indeed, only Hatton had more charm

Sebastien said...

Cath Green is a real gent.

mrsgilliansmith said...

Dude,I don't mean to be catty but I am so terribly confused by your erratic behaviour that I have decided to set up my own blog. I will provide the necessary details in due course. You do so disappoint me old chap.

Mrs. Furious Gay said...

Dr McElhinney, whom I have found images of on Google images (a favourite pastime) seems quite a real hunk.

The name would suggest Irish roots - now I like my Irish boys, but I prefer being caught up in Webb's, darling.

I didn't see him around on Tuesday evening for drinks, Dude. Ms. Green is a delight though :)

One night stand said...

I think that Mrs Furious Gay should be exposed

Mrs. Furious Gay said...

Don't speak to me about exposure, sweetie!