Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Labour Landlords

Imagine waking up to the sound of someone nailing a labour sign to the side of your home?

This is what has happened to dozens of Wavertree residents, whose landlord have attached Luciana boards to the side of their homes and in the windows of countless empty properties.

So why are slum landlords so desperate to support Labour? What will they be getting after Thursday if the thug wins?

Are these the same developers who have also given Joe Anderson £50,000 for his election campaign, together with free cup-final tickets and lavish hospitality?


Anonymous said...

An interesting story Dude. Have you got any addresses? I would like to take some photos for the records.

Jack Frost said...

I trust that Mr Anderson will face the severest of consequences post election. Community service would be a slight on the community, he must be sent down for a very long time with no possibility of remission.