Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Rottweiler's back

I couldn't wait until tomorrow to feed you this titbit I received from my new leader today.

Just days after forcing out Colin (The Pigeon) Hilton it seems that another old face is being brought back to replace him.

Dr David McElhinney (known as the Rottweiler) will be installed as Chief Executive - the role he always dreamed of.

How this will affect his relationship with the evil Liverpool Direct which Joe and comrades so rightly oppose, is not yet clear.

I am somewhat confused though. Only a few years ago, another Labour blog was accusing the same Dr McElhinney of escaping with millions of taxpayers cash and Joe was even calling for a police investigation.

Oh well, we all have to make u-turns once we are in office don't we?

Perhaps Joe can appoint him AND have him investigated at the same time!

Lots of love and licks to my new Labour friends,

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Central Appliances said...

The council seems to be shedding Colin's, dude. Some with less sorrow than others.

I see another Rottweiler is back.

She "represents" Croxteth, Dude, but I am reliably informed she is rarely seen there, lest there is a tragedy to be cashed in upon.

Oh yes, Deputy Lord Mayor. No more TV camera's to re-apply your make-up for.