Friday, May 28, 2010

next to go...

Hot on the heals of Colin Hilton, I can exclusively reveal that Education boss Stuart Smith will be the next to jump ship before he is pushed.

My new friends in the Labour group tell me that the former Toxteth English Teacher is widely seen as a face that "doesn't fit" despite an admittedly impressive record (alongside Colin Hilton) of raising education standards and exam results in Liverpool.

Other top names they are also questioning include Assistant Chief Executive Ben Dolan and Regeneration chief John Kelly.

I must admit though, after the £1/2 million bill for axing Hilton I am a bit concerned that we will be landed with another big bill for clearing the lower ranks.

I just hope Joe doesn't have to resort to selling a few parks off to that nice Mr Flanagan to pay for it all. Yes I know I am now loyal to Labour, but I still like to enjoy my walkies.


Anonymous said...

Staff in the Labour group office are well pissed off after Cllr Anderson was forced to keep on the former leaders LibDem staffers in his new office!

Proper Insider said...

you can just imagine Adam Lewis going whiter than he already is with rage.