Monday, May 31, 2010

Falling out

Dear readers,

I have spent the week in a quandary, do I carry on contributing to this blog?

I am still reeling with shock at news of Dude's decision to join the dark side. I thought Dude was my friend, but he didn't even have the decency to discuss his decision with me first.

For the record, I will not be joining him, not now, not ever. In fact I really now need to consider if I am still willing to remain friends with him. I feel sick just at the thought that I have allowed Dude to sniff my bottom from time to time. Although I have resisted any further advances from him.

So do I carry on? Well yes I have decided I must, more now than ever. I owe it to all of you dear readers to make sure you get to hear both sides of the story.

But Dude, you'd better stay out of my way for a while, grrrrrrrr!


Assistant for Equality & Diversity said...

Hello Love,

just a message of support. As you may know I am now assisting the equality & diversity round Municiple Halls these days. (Uncle Joe had to cyphon me off with something, didn't he).

Sal (if I may), may I extend my arms of love around your doggy neck. And I can offer you a fabulous discount, as a Lib Dem, should you want to join Dude.

Your addition in the Labour group office would raise few eye-brows. We have many bitches, and more than one wagging tongue now Dude has joined the ranks.

Best wishes,

Lou x

St. Sebastien of Abercromby said...

Evil be to him who evil thinks.

Luciana's Mother said...

Well said Sally ! It's nice to know that some dogs still have principles and aren't willing to try and copulate with a new master's leg in the hope of a few extra sausages.