Friday, April 23, 2010

The Berger Hill Show

Luciana Berger is now turning into a national joke.

An hilarious article in today's Independent reveals how her campaign has descended into chaos.

A Sunday newspaper was described as having to chase her "Benny Hill style" round a supermarket in an attempt to get an interview, after fleeing her constituency office.

She even ran away from the Independent's journalist, and when she finally agreed to answer emailed questions, she could only answer 3 out of 17.

Symbolic campaign

"Senior figures within the local party, speaking on condition of anonymity, have described the running of the campaign as "shambolic". There have been reports of up to 30 workers turning up to canvass but being left to sit around with nothing to do. Others are said to have objected to the quality of the material they have been asked to deliver."

Is Baldock being sacrificed?

" Local councillors asked to argue her case fear they are in danger of being sacrificed to save her."

Well, there is only one local Labour councillor up for election. My blogging nemesis Louise Baldock. Sound like the former regional press officer could well be the "inside source".

One traditional Labour voice described the campaign as an example of the "worst excesses of New Labour". Opponents say that concerns over the quality of the candidate are now being realised. "They are afraid that if she is allowed a bit of freedom she will not only make a faux pas but run the risk of boring everyone to death," the source said.

Luciana, it's time for you to get your coat!


Girls jolly japes said...

Dude, could you please post a YouTube reminder of the Benny Hill chase and use your technical wizardry to place a photo of Luciana over one of his girlies ?

Papa-paparazzi said...

Bet Luciana wouldn't run away if a Sun journalist wanted to take a photo of her... it is well known she devoutly supports that newspaper!

Louise Baldock said...

I was never Regional Press Officer, not sure where you got that from? But I am the Chair of the LP in the NW and as such would never brief against the party.

Anonymous said...

But would you brief against a candidate. Your comments on David Bartlett's blog seem very negative towards the Luciana campaign...