Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Eight jobs Alan

Hot on the heals of Merseytravel's fat-cat controller, we have his deputy: Liverpool Labour Councillor Alan Dean.

Liverpool basic salary: £9,879
Labour chief whip salary: £4,585
Merseytravel basic: £5,688
Merseytravel Deputy chair:£12,896
Committee Chair: £4,666
deputy committee chair: £3,883
panel chair: £5,737
Making a grand total of: £47,334

...and he still finds time to work as a "self employed consultant" training other councillors across the country - presumably in how to milk the system.


Anonymous said...

Baldie Alan wont be getting this when Labour get control he is a greedy get and LAZY with it all should be shared

Anonymous said...

I knew this man when he worked in Fords a shit bag then Notice no one else earns as much as him hes a baldy dirthy can say