Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jolly hockey sticks

All this talk of Gordon Brown reverting back to a class warfare election campaign is making for uncomfortable reading for London Luciana.

After all, while Gordon is telling everyone that Cameron is a toff from Eaton, she'll be worrying that people will start to look closer at her education.

At £11,000 a year, the posh Haberdashers' Aske's school is a bit beyond the reach of families in Old Swan, as is the commute down to London. Not that you would imagine it to be home to traditional Labour voters.

So I wasn't surprised by the result of Haberdashers' mock elections last week, which saw a landslide Conservative victory.

Second and third places went to the Lib Dem's and UKIP, but the school couldn't even be bothered to report if Labour managed to cling on to 4th place against the greens.


Miss Pettigrew-Fourskin said...

Such jolly japes !

Meow Meow said...

Would any of these children understand an April Fool's story when they saw one?

Perhaps they ought to consider running for Parliament?

Three little maids from school said...

Thanks for that Louise.

Miss Pettigrew-Fourskin said...

Louise you realy are letting the school down. I think Luciana should deal with you in an appropriate manner.

Anonymous said...

What about Westminster school where Nick Clegg was educated?

Wavertreee (with three 'e's) said...

Nick Clegg isn't standing in Liverpool Wavertree.

Labour's defences are very weak arn't they.

Where will the enfeebled Louise turn after she is booted out in May?