Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fat-Cat Controller

The highest paid councillor in the country?

Well certainly a contender. It's Merseytravel's fat controller, Labour Councillor Mark Dowd, who I am told rakes in a cool £60k thanks to a cosy deal with the Tories who keep him in power,

Sefton Council salary: £8850
Merseytravel basic: £5,688
Various "special responsibility
allowances": £37,242.16
expenses: £7856.05
total: £59636.96

and that was for 2008/09, no doubt it's gone up since them. Thanks to the whistle blower who passed me the figures.

Aren't other Labour councillors ashamed of such greed?


Whistleblower said...

Greasy Joe wants us to pay him £50,000 to be council leader. I think that if he became leader he'd eclipse claims from any other. God knows what else he'd do !!

Dump on Joe ! said...

Joe Anderson deserves to be kept in the manner to which he has become accustomed