Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not singing but queuing

Yesterday an amazing sight was witnessed at Liverpool's Municipal Buildings, as countless young people queued up to register to vote before the deadline. It was, I am told, a scene you would expect to see in a new democracy in the third world as people wait in line to claim their democratic rights.

Meanwhile a "Rage Against The Machine" campaign to get the Lib Dems to number 1 has attracted over 120,000 members and increasing by over 10,000 every day.

And as Cleggmania takes over the nation, it is noticeable how quiet Labour's more arrogant and bombastic commentates have become.

From Dale Street Blues to Vote 2007 and ukpollingreport, Labour councillors, bloggers and commentators, who have so often delighted in dismissing the Lib Dems, appear to be feeling far less cocky.

So guys and Louise, this one is for you.


I love Nick ! said...

Cleggy, Cleggy, Cleggy !... go go boy !!

Faslane said...

Brown asked who the public back on Trident and Iraq ! What a t..t ! Clegg is miles ahead and commands public confidence.