Thursday, April 8, 2010

Camden Berger

Across Wavertree, stickers are appearing on doors from residents sick of Berger and takeaway flyers, as reported in the Daily Post's Brocklebank column, which described Luciana as a "tasty dish" but pointed out that she doesn't "come complete with French Fries and mayo".

So I was surprised when the following Berger advert landed in my mailbox this morning.

Something to chew over, but personally I would prefer a lamb shankley myself.

Bon appetit.


Phythian Pete said...

They've stuck up a big Vote Labour sign on the front of a property in Holt Rd. No mention of Ms Burger. Are they ashamed to proclaim her name so boldly ?

mrsgilliansmith said...

Well Pete, I have had no satisfactory answer to my enquiry about whether this woman is paying Fairfield shopkeepers for displaying her posters. Is she acting illegally ? I would like to know ?

Gloria Goodshot said...

I live close to Labour HQ on Prescot Rd. Why is Ms Berger's brother's car always outside when I pass. Does she spend most of her time stuffing envelopes inside or doing heaven knows what else in this edifice ?

Anonymous said...

Colin is sexy

Hudson, Mischeif. said...

Has anyone else tried the 'Elizabethan Breakfast' you can get in the cafe on Prescott Road, Kenny, now?

Mead & Honey with Kidneys and offal.

Now we are saving the pennies, these things have come back into vogue. I'm sure the Labour activists will be feating out on this?