Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another comedian

With all the jokers already in the Labour party, you wouldn't think there would be room for another one.

But you'd be wrong.

Step forth the erudite Mr Francis, newly elected councillor for Anfield.

What he doesn't know about housing and regeneration would fill one of the many liverpool libraries that Labour will be closing in the next few months.

So instead they have put him on the education committee, in the hope that he will learn something. Still at least he has never been charged by the police with wife beating, so he's one up on his colleague in the neighbouring ward.


Anonymous said...

so sick no wonder you do not get votes

Anonymous said...

What neighbouring ward is that dude lol!?

Dude the Dog said...

Nothing to do with me. Sally can answer for herself, I don't censor her posts and never will! That does not mean I aprove or wish to be associated with such cruel lookalikes.

The Serpentine Conspiracy said...

Ian Francis is a montrous pudding-face what deserves nothing but apple-pie contempt.

A fart on you, Joe Anderson.

Nathage said...

This type of blog is exactly why people turn from Lib Dems to Labour.

We look forward to taking more of your council seats.

Enjoy them whilst they last.

SCAT ! said...

I wouldn't just fart on Joe Anderson I'd dump him

Mrs. Furious Gay said...

Oh we do LIKE Nathage!

Get in contact hunny if ya wanna gooood time ;)

*kisses & love*

Polo said...

Ian Francis is a nice person, he knows more than most Lib Dems, put together could ever know.
Insulting Labour Councillors, knowing Lib Dems are a load of knob heads, is so hypocritical it is astounding.

Kenya Keating said...

Polo by name, Polo by nature.

A big massive hole in such an argument, suggesting Pudding Face knows more...