Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A little domestic difficulty

Domestic life could be a bit awkward for my friend Roz Gladden over the next few weeks.

The new Labour council is rightly slashing 9 out of 12 day centres (I don't know why the Lib Dems though the taxpayer should subsidise the elderly sitting around all day?)

Slasher Roz is leading the cause, as Executive Member for Social Care, while her union leader hubby Roy (a former militant councillor) leads the fight against.

Unions have pledged to use "ever method available" to stop the closures. I wonder if this refers to strikes or the withholding of nookie and DIY activities?

Subject for a freedom of information request perhaps.


Lifelong Labour voter said...

Perhaps the old people could contribute to the upkeep by doing voluntary work like basket making and knitting pullovers. Such goods could be sold in charity shops with the charities keeping, say, 10% commission on each sale and returning the rest of the proceeds to the council. It would keep the elderly's hands and minds occupied and be in the entrepreneurial spirit of New Labour.

Anonymous said...

If Roz stops the nookie, Roy may well have to resort to DIY!

Phythian Pete said...

I was absolutely shocked to learn that Louise Baldock is backing the closure of the Fairfield Centre. This is the same woman who criticised the Boaler St closure. How can you defend her Dude ?

Club Moore said...

Do you think she dyes her hair that colour?

Steve Radford said...

Tush! These are trifles, and mere old wives' fancies.

Anonymous said...

Roz is only in the cabinet because Anderson is scared of her husband!