Tuesday, June 22, 2010

technical difficulties

Sorry I havn't been posting recently, I havn't forgotten about you all, honest!

A few technical difficulties turned into a nightmare after I brought in a neighbouring computer "expert" (trading as Mr Technocat - let the cat fix your mouse) to upgrade my increasingly slow PC.

I got a photo of him at work, one of the rare occasions when he actually turned up as promised and didn't disappear when my back was turned.
This is what happens when you do something on the cheap. I understand he was also working on a (now cancelled) government IT contract, which was running 6 years late and £18billion over budget, so I suppose I am lucky to be back on line at all!

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Anonymous said...

Cats don't just do IT you know. We two are in the decorating business and have found that by rolling around on carpets we can create all sorts of interesting designs with our no longer needed fur. Plus all sorts of interesting decorative features can be provided by a simple vomiting of the extra hair balls.

For some reason our owner, sorry staff member, doesn't appreciate this.

Kit and Kaboodle