Monday, June 28, 2010

Maiden speech

Someone kindly pointed out that we missed out reporting on this story this month, obviously we can't trust Dude to report such things anymore!!!

In a long rambling speech which demonstrated that lightweight Lucy Berger wasn't even qualified to read out loud, she bored the house about St Hilda's school in Picton and Archbishop Blanch School in Wavertree,

The simple fact that neither school is actually in her constituency is bad enough, but that she managed to place both schools miles outside their true location is a demonstration of world class incompetence, showing that Luciana is preparing to join the illustrious ranks of Dan Quayle, George Bush and John Prescott.

This didn't stop toadying Echo journalist Dave Bartlett from claiming that the speech was "well researched"!

Fortunately she didn't get to finish, as her rambling overran the alloted time, something she herself described on twitter as "sad"! But sadder for the people of Wavertree to be represented by such a bimbo.


Dude the Dog said...

What rubbish Sally! Luciana has spent over a year living her getting to know the geography of Liverpool, and don't forget she first came here as a student, so she already knew the city.

I respectfully suggest that it must be you that has got her geography wrong. Luciana is never wrong, anyway, she's sexy when she fluffs her lines!
woof woof

wavertree socialist said...

Your clown candidate Eldridge got beat. Get over it and get a life.


Ruddy 'eck Dude who was your last mistress ? Luciana's got a big bum and her short tightback split skirts do nothing to enhance desire given her physical challenges. She clearly fails to match the standard of our attractive Scouse-born girls. This comment is most certainly NOT meant to be sexist but merely an observation of fact. Let's get down to the nitty-gritty !

Anonymous said...

Little Davey Bartlett is the most incompetent journalist to have ever graced the ECHO's illustrious pages! If Mummy's Boy Dave says anything is good, then it must be very bad!

Montague Burton said...

La Burger's dress sense is appalling. She clearly needs advice.

Anonymous said...

Rather an unfair slight on Bartlett when Waddington still remains on the pavement of Old Hall Street.

Your round Joe....again!

Editor Machray said...

Little Bartlett and Barfly Waddington folow the long-established journalistic mantra of "Don't let the facts get in the way of a good story!"