Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mac's knives are out

Mac the Knife may have struck his first blow, as Peter Cosgrove, the Council Officer in charge of investigating the Liverpool Direct contract suddenly found himself suspended, just days after LDL Chief Executive David McElhinney took the Council reins of power following Comrade Joe's purge.

Well known for bearing grudges and with a reputation for bullying anyone that opposes him, he was originally employed as former Chief Executive David Henshaw's rottweiler. He is certainly someone you cross at your peril.

Union officials have been left perplexed, as Mr Cosgrove was sent home over alleged "discrepancies in Council Tax collection", a department he hadn't run for over 4 years.. and no one had actually told him what he is in fact accused of.

The simple fact may be that Cosgrove is just another face that doesn't fit under the new regime.

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Phythian Pete said...

Joe's £ 52,000. Do you think he's worth it Dude ? I recall the Hughie Green show " Double your money it's your lucky day - double your money and take it away " !!!!!!!!
Yeah, close the Fairfield centre and give the money to Joe !