Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A brown bush?

Well this explains everything!

I'm surprised Private Eye haven't picked up on this one, right down to that winning smile.


Anonymous said...

You can do much better than this!

Dude the Dog said...

Well send some in then!

This one, like most of my lookalikes, was sent in by a reader like yourself.

Anonymous said...

dog, you should delete your response to the anonymous comment.

It makes you sound rattled by the criticism and then it sounds like "it's not my fault that it wasn't very good a reader sent it in"

There is no contact email for readers to send them in is there? or do they post a link for you?

Bernadette said...

Dude! Your loyal readers are demanding some Lib Dem lookalikes.

I have a truly inspired one...

Keith Turner looks like both Bevis AND Butthead!

Tannoy said...

Can we have some proper politics please instead of this inane nonsense?

Dude the Dog said...

Dear Tannoy,
Did you miss the bit at the top of the page?

It clearly says that this is my satirical diary, my blog is not claiming to be the New Statesman!

Tannoy said...

Im not saying some of them arent funny, they are :D

Just that I would expect a little more than simply Private Eye lookalikes! :p