Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Labour laugh at suicide victim

Heartless Labour councillors laughed hysterically when told that their election leaflets had driven someone to throw themselves in front of a train.

During a debate at last night's council meeting, councillors heard how a former city councillor who, having suffered a mental breakdown, committed a serious crime. The courts however did not sentence him as they recognised the crime was a result of his breakdown. That of course didn't stop Labour plastering the city with leaflets to humiliate him, even though he was no longer a councillor.

Apparently unable to live with the shame, he threw himself in front of a train at Otterspool - (At this point many Labour councillors burst out laughing!)

To be fair, some Labour councillors looked horrified at the heartless reaction from their colleagues.

Perhaps they need reminding how the Lib Dems refused to play on Clubmoor Labour Councillor Ben Williams charged and currently being retried for child porn offences.


Anonymous said...

And the fact that former Cllr Williams gave his resignation to the Chief Executive once the police became involved but was then frog marched back to the CE's office by Cllr Anderson to say that the resignation was a mistake. Williams then continued to serve as a LABOUR member of the Childrens Services select committee...Anderson is a disgrace!!!

Ethical Bill said...

There are obviously some sick people on the Labour benches

Anonymous said...

Just unbelievable

Jason said...

I can only echo what others have said, what a heartless cynical bunch of people

Anonymous said...

I would be careful what is being published here. Ben Williams is an innocent man currently going through the court process. Some people seem to be jumping to condemn. Or does innocent til proven guilty mean nothing to the Lib Dems these days?

Ethical Bill said...

Dear Anonymous,
Are you suggesting that Dude The Dog has the power to prejudice a jury? Particularly when his mentioning of the case is just a (greatly) watered down version of what appeared in the Echo. Have you noticed that he made no reference to Ben Williams at all before this posting, and I am not aware of any Lib Dem leaflets playing this card at the last election - I am sure you will correct me if I'm wrong. Compare that to the 2006 Labour campaign in Speke that portrayed an innocent family man as a paedophile.

I notice you have nothing to say on the disgraceful performance of your party's councillors.

Anonymous said...

Quite right...everything that has been said on the first post concerning former Councillor Williams is factually correct.

Anonymous said...

there is nothing to say because it is wrong. Please publish the names of those you claim were laughing.