Monday, May 18, 2009

My expenses revealed

Like everyone else I am outraged at the lavish and in some cases corrupt expense claims by our MPs.

So in the interest of transparency I have published my monthly expense claim below to show that I have nothing to hide.

To be honest I don't agree that I should be allowed to claim for some of these, but I am only claiming what I am entitled to (and everyone else is doing it).

Everyone that knows me will understand that I did not go into political blogging for the money, I am only claiming for necessary expenses to enable me to properly represent the K9 political community.

I have done nothing wrong and have nothing to be ashamed of. And no, I won't be paying any of it back (apart from the £21 claim for human food - which was a mistake).

I realise that some of you may think this extravagant, but all these are legitimate costs of running a second kennel in the city centre so that I can be at the heart of the political scene.

And to prove I am not living in luxury at your expense, I have included a picture of my second kennel which is, to be honest, a bit of a slum when compared with dogs in the private sector.

Can I also add my bark in support of those calling for an immediate General Election (although this is strictly a personal opinion as I haven't consulted anyone yet!)

Your faithful cannine representative
The blogging dog you can trust!


A Burnham said...

I really am disgusted!


Surely you could fit a luxury spa bath in there, or a swimming pool so you can do the doggy paddle. How about a luxury kitchen to prepare your gourmet meals and a moat to keep out the common mutts.

If you where in the Labour party I would have you booted out in disgrace...And if you were married you would now be facing a divorce claim, like I nearly did.

Anonymous said...

Well done dude, you're obviously one of the cleanest dogs in the House.

Ethical Bill said...

Nice one Dude

Real Scouseboy said...

Thank you Dude for bringing some much needed light relief to this sorry episode.
Every decent person elected or even just involved in politics has been left feeling sullied by the corrupt antics of MPs.

Lets have a general election now so we can clear them out and start again. It will take decades to rebuild the [already limited] trust the public had in us all before this started.

Anonymous said...

I think some MPs would like to go and live on a duck island until this blows over