Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Labour's sinking ship

It's been a bad week for Labour, and not just nationally.

In the space of a few days, two Labour councillors on Merseyside have had enough and torn up their membership cards.

Bootle's Paul Larkin quit the Labour party saying they have become deaf to the concerns of ordinary people. It is a double blow to Labour as Paul was agent to Crosby MP Claire Curtis-Thomas - who is not only expected to loose, but could even end up in third place at the next election! Councillor Larkin has now joined the Liberal Democrats, and I raise my paw in salute to him.

Meanwhile on the Wirral, Denis Knowles quit the party saying that he was ashamed of Labour.

In a letter to his constituents he spoke of his "everlasting shame" for voting with the Labour party, but now he has resigned, "I personally feel as though I have had a burden removed from my shoulders and can hold my head high."

Oh, and Wirral South's Ben Chapman, as featured on these pages last week, has been the latest to announce he will be standing down as a result of the expenses scandal.

Yes Labour's ship is definitely sinking.

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