Saturday, May 2, 2009

We're not sorry..We haven't a clue!

No disrespect to Speke or Garston, but I'm sure that, after an hour or two trotting around the area, any one of us could find ways to improve the area for local residents. And if you had £140,000 in your pocket, just imagine what a difference you could make?

Sadly, the same cannot be said for the three Labour Councillors for Speke and Garston who, having been awarded £140,000 from the council to spend on improving the lives of their constituents, appear to either not care or are clueless as to what their community needs.

Frustrated officials tried pestering them for ideas of how to spend the money, but got no answer.

They tried to arrange meetings with the councillors - they didn't turn up.

Council officers then tried coming up with ideas of their own, the Labour councillors rejected them.

I know that my blogging nemesis The Bulldog and I rarely see eye to eye, but I am sure she is thoughtfully ashamed to be associated with these supposed "Community Champions".

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Real Scouseboy said...

They're a disgrace to the office of councillor. If they're not up to the job then they should resign and let someone else do it properly.