Sunday, May 17, 2009

Eagle's flipping disgrace

The first Liverpool MP to be named and shamed in the Telegraph is Garston's Maria Eagle who, the Telegraph claims took flight with £1000's of our cash by "flipping" homes.

In 2005 the Eagle got a £7140 bathroom makeover, getting her bathroom fully tiled and fitted with a luxury thermo-shower - but the fees office only allowed her to claim £3,500. Meanwhile she also was claiming £240 a month towards her mortgage for her luxury apartment in Mossley Hill.

Just 4 months latter she "flipped" her second home to her London home, and started claiming £739 a month for that mortgage.

Even worse, she backed a Tory bill to keep MPs' expense claims secret.

In her defence the Eagle squawked that her bathroom was 35 years old and needed renewing - at £7,000! What planet is she on?

Lets see what her constituents have to say.


Now the story is in today's Echo.

Meanwhile Wirral South's Ben Chapman is insisting he won't repay the £15,000 he claimed from the taxpayer for mortgage interest he no longer paid. He insists he did nothing wrong and was merely claiming compensation for his for no longer having a mortgage! Arguing with the fees office he said, "by paying off capital I am forgoing interest and investment opportunities elsewhere."

Obviously he is forgetting he now has a valuable asset in London, part paid for and furnished at our expense - yet we should compensate him for the inconvenience of finding himself in this position.


Samuel Tweet said...

That's more like it, rather than the p*** poor look alikes. So Do you think the Eagle will be up before the beak?

Tannoy said...

Dude, this is better!
I had read this already in the DT but it's good to see something other than just lookalikes on your blog :p Doesn't quite sound as bad as a moat though does it? :)

Ethical Bill said...

Can't imagine this going down well with all those former council tenants in Garston, Speke and Belle Vale - particularly if they are still waiting for bathroom, or kitchens to be replaced.

£7K for a bathroom - How the other half live!

Anonymous said...

Well those constituents will be waiting a bit longer because Maria's Labour party in Garston has been soliciting donations from South Liverpool Housing. £1,500 at least paid over. That's money that could have gone on mending the odd dripping tap. Still she won't need to worry will she.

Odd isn't it that this particular issue has had no coverage from the local press. Perhaps they think social housing organisations should chuck cash at political parties!!

Paula Keaveney said...

She's clearly been plumbing the depths!!!

Sid Fiddler said...

Many of her constituents earn less in a year than she spends on her bathroom...and she has the cheek to give us the bill.


Ethical Bill said...

Why has Frank Field got off so lightly?

Shoe repairs (for fecks sake!)
Trouser presses!
Medicines (when the rest of us are being ripped off by prescription charges)

And this is the man people are talking about as the next speaker?

Real Scouseboy said...

How many people in Speke or Netherley have to live on less than this woman spends on her bathroom?

Hopefully her constituents will be giving her the opportunity to spend more time with her bathroom after the election.