Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Where is Jane Kennedy?

The Daily Post has today done a full page feature on how hard (or otherwise) Merseyside MPs work.

The article features lists and photos of all local MPs - except one!

Farming and Horse Minister - Wavertree MP Jane Kennedy is no-where to be seen.

Does she do nothing at all? Or is she so invisible in Liverpool that even the Daily Post managed to forget that she exits?


Real Scouseboy said...

Jane Kennedy? Didn't she go missing a few years ago, along with a couple of CDs?

Sid Fiddler said...

Jane came joint first on the "John Lewis list" trolley dash. Can't be long before her expenses are on the front page.

Lets see:-
£104,000 salary
£????? salary paid to boyfriend
£23,083 Additional Cost Allowance (John Lewis list)