Monday, June 15, 2009


Anonymous said...

Congratulations for avoiding the obvious jokes about Jane Kennedy holding a big cock. Just thought I would slip that one in!

Sid Fiddler said...

Jane Kennedy may have last been spotted holding a big cock, but no such good news for her close "friend" Geoff Hoon who was exposed for claiming for an expensive magnifying mirror on his expenses!

Millicent Tant said...

Dear Sir,

I work part-time doing house cleaning for a Mr Matt Finnegan. Last week, he seemed to go off-the-rails a bit....forgetting to leave the milk-money out, leaving his laundry all over the place, shouting at the television - that kind of thing. Anyway, when I asked him if he was OK, all he could say was "That bl**dy Kennedy's got us all in the s**t" and went back to looking at the jobs section in the Gazette. I am not too sure who this Kennedy person is? Is this the same person, I wonder, that you pictured holding a large cock?


Millicent Tant [Mrs]