Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kennedy Sacked

So Jane Kennedy says she has been sacked. Or has she resigned?

This is all very odd, since people normally try to save face by insisting that they resigned rather that admit they have been sacked. Jane seems to have got this mixed up.

Does she get a redundancy payout if she's sacked as a minister, but nothing if she resigns? That could explain it.

Now, no longer on £104,000 a year, she will be more in touch with the ordinary folk of Wavertree, as she scrapes by on a mere £64,000 + the £400 a month she claims for food (even I couldn't eat that many sausages) + £200 for gas and electric, £200 for telephone bills and £200 for service and maintenance and the £xx,000 she pays her partner as a "researcher".

Tough times indeed, might even have to sell the gîte darling.

Nevertheless a risky strategy. Gordon is no doubt ordering the removal of all central Labour party support from Jane's already lacklustre re-election campaign and no high profile ministerial visits for you (actually that could help - Ed).

Still, at least you will get about £60,000 redundancy pay after the next election (half of it tax free).


Interesting Echo Comment column tonight.

"So, Wavertree MP Jane Kennedy’s view is that she was sacked from the government, while the PM’s is that she resigned.
It’s pitiful, isn’t it? No wonder the country is in turmoil. Do they even know what day it is?"

Oh I laughed until I was left panting for breath!

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Anonymous said...

Kennedy is so transparent! Does she think that people will not know that she is simply trying to save her own seat...too late Jane! I am sure Brown won't miss her and certainly wont be surprised about her lack of loyalty, Jane has never been big on loyalty and trust...just ask Malcolm and her children!