Friday, June 5, 2009

Labour meltdown part II

So yet again Labour have come third (in a real election) behind the Liberal Democrats, and lost more than half their councillors and every council they were defending.

Labour appear to have given up the ghost. I reported yesterday that even The Bulldog hasn't bothered to put up a Labour poster, and I have since been told that Picton Ward Labour candidate Timbo the Terrier (who lives opposite a major polling station) didn't want to be publicly associated with them either.

Apparently Labour didn't even turn up for the opening of ballot papers last night - completely unheard of - unable to bare standing to watch the extent of thier crushing defeat. as they already knew that the Labour vote would collapse across the city.

Best news of the night? Well my sources tell me that the BNP didn't have much to smile about last night from Liverpool's results, and decent Scousers literally queued to get into the polling stations to vote to keep the fascists out. Good humans!

Turnout was up massively compared to 1999, which was the last time Liverpool had a European Election that wasn't all postal.

Labour are sure to face even more calls for a General Election as their infighting causes the pound to spiral and they drift from crisis to crisis. This little dog says, "Bring it on!"


Ethical Bill said...

Great news about the BNP, lets hope the rest of the North West have followed suit

Ethical Bill said...

Great update dude. Keep your paws crossed that we can keep the BNP out

Coldwater said...

I have to say the LibDem result in Liverpool was crap.

A real scouse boy said...

I have to say the Labour result in the Wavertree Parliamentary Seat was crap.

A real, real scouse boy said...

How would you know? Your lot didn't bother to go to the verification. You probably went to the pub instead.

Observer said...

Well you would say that, wouldn't you, given that your mate Tom invented the figures to prove it. I hope that the councillors in Old Swan and Picton are now seriously worried, given the closeness of the results there according to him.