Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Not smearing but spinning

If you noticed smoke billowing out of an office on Prescott Road this morning, it was most likely coming off the keyboard of Matt Finnegan, Jane Kennedy's highly paid spin master.

By the evening, Jane Kennedy's office was flooded with letters of support, which where dutifully sent off to Daily Post columnist (and Paul Brant lookalike) David Bartlett, who promptly posted them on his blog in order to inform and amuse his reader.

Surely this is just the sort of shameless New Labour spin that Jane Kennedy has railed against? No, as she told Jeremy Paxman last night, "I have no problem with spinning... I separate spinning from smearing."

Oh dear Jane, you slipped off Matt's carefully crafted script there didn't you?

One of the supportive letters said, "You were always game for a fight if the cause was just."

So lets look at the just causes you were not prepared to fight or resign for.

- An illegal war in Iraq
- Making local kids pay for the education you got for free
- Introducing ID cards - VOTED FOR
- Stripping the nation of it's civil liberties - VOTED FOR
- Student top up fees - VOTED FOR
-Foundation hospitals - VOTED FOR
- Greater freedom of information - VOTED AGAINST

-An investigation into the illegal war in Iraq - VOTED AGAINST

-Cutting benefits to the disabled - VOTED FOR
-Re-opening Broadgreen A&E (which you supported in opposition) DID NOTHING EVEN WHEN YOU WERE A HEALTH MINISTER
Locking your constituents up for 3 months without trial - VOTED FOR

-Cutting benefits to lone parents - VOTED FOR
- Making the sick and elderly sell their homes to pay for care - VOTED FOR

So on every just cause where you could have stood up for the people who voted for you, did you fight? No you rolled over for Blair & Brown to tickle your tummy! No wonder humans have such contempt for politicians these days.


Ethical Bill said...

Nice summery dude

A real scouse boy said...

Spin on that Finnegan :-)

Anonymous said...

Did you hear Tony Mulhearn on Roger Philips on Wednesday, reading out your list of issues Jane Kennedy could have resigned over? Have you got another new fan there?

Then Joe Anderson came on to complain that you couldn't find a more hard working MP in the country than Jane Kennedy, and as a minister she represented the country excellently!

So much for encouraging more people to vote, if anyone actually believed him, they will never bother voting again!

Anonymous said...

More work from Finnegan in Friday's Daily Post. A letter allegedly written by Joe Anderson. The giveaway was that there were no grammatical mistakes and it contained some of Finnegan's favourite words and phrases. What an amazing Mandelson-esque u turn by Finnegan. It is just a few short years since he was telling anyone who would listen how completely useless Cllr Anderson was and what a disaster his leadership would be for the city. Choose your bedfellows carefully Joe, Finnegan could turn against you again at any time...remember he's good mates with Cllr Brant as well.