Thursday, June 11, 2009

In defence of my second home

Some people have questioned why my second home expenses are so small, and say that I can't really be living in that kennel. Well I am appalled at those comments.

Do you know what this is about? People feel sorry for me. I've got a very, very small kennel. Some people say it looks like a dwarf's shed, but it's a late 20th century timber framed dogs kennel. It's not particularly attractive, but it just does me nicely and it's got room to actually plant a few blades of grass.

I still don't know what all the fuss is about. What right does the public have to interfere in my private life?


Ethical Bill said...

A dwarf's shed? Did you buy it off Hazel Blears then Dude?

I will be so disappointed if I find out you have been flipping kennels.

A real scouse boy said...

Shurley room for a moat around there Dude?

Anonymous said...

Or perhaps a few garden gnomes, since Steen had probably the largest collection in Liverpool? Or if your expenses won't stretch that far, maybe you can just get John Coyne to stand on guard duty occasionally?