Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Splash back

I was out for my walk yesterday in the rain, and would you believe it a (Labour supporter or dog hater?) bus driver deliberately ran through an enormous puddle, leaving me completely drenched.

It's not funny! why do they do it?

When I got home I was shivering. I had to have my fur towelled dry and half an hour with the hair-dryer.

So I really had sympathy with the people in this video.


Mrs. Furious Gay said...

Oh I do like a nice splash now and again!

Can we dunk that vile creature-cllr thingie from the Wirral? He who dislikes the limp-wristed variety?


Hello Ducky said...

Oh Mrs Furious Gay you are a one

A real scouse boy said...

I love the way people put their umbrellas back up even after that!!!

Come clean said...

I have it on good authority that Mrs.Furious Gay and Sally the Sheepdog are in fact the same person.

Mrs. Furious Gay said...

Ooooh! Cheeky x