Thursday, September 10, 2009

Feeling a little smug

After my recent success at officially becoming the nation's 16th favourite Lib Dem blog, I was anxious to find out how my local rivals had been doing.

My friendly blogging rival Paula Keaveney came in at a very respectable 30th place, followed by Chris Davies MEP on 33 and Birkdale Focus at 39.

No Merseyside Tory bloggers made the list, with disappointment for Wirral Tory Councillor Chris Blakely, whose blog has so far only brought him a £7000 bill for libel damages and costs.

It was also a very disappointing result though for my Labour blogging nemesis Lou-Bo, coming in at a rather dismal 100th (out of 100).

Bad luck old girl, I'm sure there's someone out there who's reading you. I might pop over to visit tomorrow just to cheer you up...(to your blog that is, I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea!)


Louise is very upset by this posting, and I have been asked point out that she came 100/100 on the (loosely defined) left-wing list rather than the Labour one. I am happy to oblige.


Wheniwerealad said...

Could Lou-Bo's result have been influenced by her swinging both ways ? Well you know what us old Labour chappies think of such things !

Anonymous said...

dude, what a fool you have made of yourself. in the left leaning blogs baldock did indeed come 100.

In the top 100 LABOUR blogs she came 46th. above several prominent MP's

perhaps you could issue an apology
fat chance