Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tories back Anderson

If there was ever a sign that there is barely a cigarette paper between Labour and the Tories these days, it was the sight of Tory Shadow Minister Chris Grayling praising our very own Joe Anderson.

“I like Joe, I talk to him from time to time. He’s a decent guy," said Grayling.

News of these cosy chats with the Tories came as a shock to many Labour members, and some will be wondering if there is anyone he won't try to do a deal with in order to get into power.

However, despite his recent admission of being ashamed of Labour, I'm not going to give any credence to the story that our municipal pitbull could in-fact represent the Tories best chance to get a councillor in Liverpool.


LP member in Liverpool said...

Not impressed of Liverpool - says this Labour member about the Tories latest attempt to fuck up the Labour rise to power in our city

Disgruntled Labour Member said...

Joe never consulted us about doing deals with the Tories!

Billy Bunter said...

Is Joe a grammar school boy ?