Thursday, September 24, 2009

Standing up for the rich

Owners of £1million+ properties in Kensington and Fairfield will be relieved to hear that their Labour Councillor and my blogging nemesis, Lou-Bo, is sticking up for them against that nasty Robbin Hood character Vince Cable, who's evil tax on the rich would see the money passed on to less deserving poor folk who would just waste it on food and gas bills.

Even worse, she wonders, "Will this penalise the Londoners at the expense of the northerners?"

Less funny is that I didn't see her opposing the scraping of the 10p tax band, which left many hard working families in Kensington and Fairfield up to £400 a year poorer.

Perhaps this is a classic case of wrong blog post in the wrong Kensington? Or has kissing too many Tories driven her to the right?

If she want's to fight the election as the self styled Sheriff of Kensington, then that's fine with me.


Anonymous said...

Someone needs to remind her which Kensington she represents

Anonymous said...

oh well at least no-one will need to remind frank doran who he -onerepresents as the answer is no=

i once heard in the recent past Kensignton described as as lib dem fortress


Dude the Dog said...

Please go away and learn how to string a sentence together before posting here again.

Samuel Johnson's cat said...

They say that if you put monkeys in a room with typewriters they will eventually type out the complete works of Shakespeare.

Obviously someone is trying out the same experiment with Labour activists.

Not a dissembler said...

But surely Louise is right when she says that there are no houses in Liverpool in that bracket, so the big earners here - like Paul Clark for instance, whose mansion doesn't quite make it to the £1million bracket, wont be penalised.

She said "How many houses are there in Liverpool in the plus £1million bracket? Probably none I think, yet we have people on big incomes who should be paying something, if the LibDem philosophy is to be understood."

But hey, why tell the truth when you can twist it Tom?

We are all looking forward to dissecting your offerings - and reporting you to the standards board regularly, when you are a councillor yourself. See how you like it! You have been warned.

A real scouse boy said...

Dear Not a Dissembler,

You obviously don't know the first thing about housing in Liverpool.

For starters, why don't you try looking in the property section of the Merseymart?

This week alone there are four £Million+ homes for sale in Liverpool, two at £1,750,000 one for £1,550,000 and another at £1,350,000.

For all your twisting and wriggling, Labour is now the party of the rich. That's why Billionaires are allowed to get away with paying less of their income in tax than their cleaners do. You obviously think that is fair, Louise!

Oh and you are barking up the wrong tree again, Dude is not planning to stand for election any time soon.

Tom Morrison said...

Dude, I promise I am not trying to steal your lime light by pretending its me writing your brilliant posts... don't believe the rumours!

Tom 'scurge of socialism' Morrison.

Old Cocker said...

Tom Morrison can't cock his leg up against a lamppost

Bertie Bassett said...

It has been suggested to me that the second "Anonymous" is in fact Jo Anderson.

Thomas Morrison said...

Surely not.. the spelling is not bad enough...

HereditaryPiers said...

Anyway, back to the actual issue. Louise Baldock is right to question the Lib Dems on this, After all, they Vince "The Commentator not the Doer" Cable thinks that the best way to get rid of a property tax is...to bring in another property tax. How ridiculous.
The Lib Dem policy sounds feasible until you begin dissecting it. Yes, Louise was being provocative to an extent asking if Liverpool has £1m houses but the crux of her argument stands.

Vince Cable: Wanted local authorities to prop up house prices in 2008 (BBC) (now we know why); he predicted more people losing their homes (many have been saved); also in 2008 he says that we should not be over-inflating those same house prices and that house prices are overvalued (in The Independent). The man is ridiculous. He wants increased house prices to help his house-price-based tax plans but claims that houses are overvalued!

Like all Lib Dems Cable says one thing that is in direct opposition to what he is saying elsewhere. You criticise Louise Baldock but, even in a one-off quick blog she has tested Lib Dem policy more than the Lib Dems have.

Ethical Bill said...

No Louise was not being provocative, she was displaying ignorance - she clearly doesn't know the city, which she now claims to champion, very well at all.

You might think Vince is is ridiculous, but the majority of the population disagree with your opinion on Britain's most respected politician.

CLARK KENT said...

Lois Baldcock - what a loser !

Lois Lane said...

That's why I won't get with you, Clarke Kent! You are an idiot!