Friday, September 25, 2009

Kensington Crufts

I'm truly gutted not to have been invited to take part - clearly this was deliberate so as not to cause embarrassment to Jane Kennedy who, in one of her rare appearances, was judging the competition.

Congratulations to the winner anyway.


The late Barbara Woodhouse said...

Never mind Dude. Colin'll be the MP next Kenny Crufts time - I'm sure he will be a strictly technical and impartial judge. Jane and Liam this year. Colin and Frank next year. There's no comparison. The BEST dog WILL win -no fiddling !

Anonymous said...

If Colin does get in Dude then you'll get the chance to stop licking your own bollocks and gie Colin's the once over, Im sure he's appeciate you being his "bitch" metaphorically speaking. Lick Away!