Friday, September 4, 2009

Liverpool is the tops

Yes we knew it already, but Liverpool has been voted as England's top city break after London by Conde Nast Traveller readers.

Liverpool was ahead of Bath (3rd); Oxford (4th); Manchester (5th) and York (6th).

I can also confirm it is the most dog friendly city, with more parkland and trees per person that any other city.

The only think that lets us down as a tourist city is the frequent acts of sabotage by Branson the bearded collie and network rail.

Anyone who wanted to come up from London for the Matthew Street Festival last weekend faced a 7 hour journey with 4 changes. And it was a similar story every weekend during 2008. Yet Virgin Trains was a sponsor of Capital of Culture! With friends like that, who need enemies?

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Rover said...

Brown/Branson ? = Deadwood Stage ?