Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thanks Mr Brocklebank

One of the things about being a dog is a willingness to take praise from anyone.

So I must admit to giving a little wag of the tail when I was told that one Mr Brocklebank was reviewing my blog in his Daily Post column.
"There are, he explained, a shortlist of suspected town hall terriers behind this canine curmudgeon, whose gallery of Labour look-a-likes raised many a guffaw within the corridors of power. In fact, some Labour members have confessed disappointment their profiles are not high enough to warrant comparison with other mostly fictional characters."

I have no idea who this Brocklebank chap is, (nor I must admit had I heard of him before this article was put under my nose) but all attention is gratefully received.

I wouldn't claim to be a town hall terrier though, I'm not that grand. More of a dog about town with his ear to the ground.

This blog would be nothing without the titbits fed to me by my human correspondents, which I regurgitate here for your pleasure and amusement.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes lets have some more lookalikes, you can't be leaving people feeling disappointed for being left out!