Monday, September 28, 2009

Red and Blue can mix

These two are fast becoming bosom pals (with extra marrowbone)!

The one in the red team is a lifelong Blue while the one in the blue team is a lifelong Red. Confused? I think even they are.

After many a cosy chat together, you can start to see a resemblance... well if you put the Pitbull on a very strict diet for a few months, and ironed his face a little.

Of course, both share an interest in receiving taxpayers' money.

With four homes Grayling claiming for a second home (until the expenses scandal broke), even though he lives 14 miles from London. Joe, of course is famous for asking for pay rises from Council Tax payers.

They hope to be working together after next May, which is clearly upsetting some on their own teams.


Cap'n Birdseye said...

A Grayling is a rather slippery coarse fish if my memory serves me right, while an Anderson was a type of bloater beloved of East Anglians in the 1960s.

Anonymous said...

Talking of slippery bloated fish when is your canine super senses going to sniff out the story about Colin "the Cleaner" Eldridge's Bird, sorry that's sexist, Girlfriend getting a nice £30k job with council? No short list, No interview No problem eh Colin. Can anyone send me a copy of the Corpy's inequality policy. Gis a job, go on gis a job!


August 1962. Seashore Caravan Camp - North Beach, Great Yarmouth.
Were you there ? It was magical for me ! Do you remember the illuminations on the front. The life-size escargots and twinkly bits ? By God those bloaters WERE salty !!!