Friday, September 11, 2009

Has Ellman defected?

I was rather astonished to see this article in today's Daily Mail (not my usual paper I might add) which claims that Louise Ellman is now a Lib Dem MP!

I don't know how that news slipped past me.

Sloppy journalism aside, it was an interesting article. Rightly pointing out that Jack Straw (Labour Justice Minister remember - no matter how much Labour locally try to pretend he has nothing to do with them) refused to free Michael Sheilds until his dad threatened to stand against him at the next election.

What they fail to mention is that Michael could have been free 4 years ago, and anyone else who had actually been guilty of such a crime would by now have probably been let out by Labour anyway.


Prisoner Cell Block H said...

Well I wouldn't like to speculate on what impact Joe Anderson had on Straw

Down by the Riverside said...

Did you miss out an "a" ?