Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another Labour selection row

Labour is facing another neopotism row over attempts to impose another young female candidate with family connections to Gordon Brown on a constituency party.

Helen Holt has pulled out out of the contest for the Sherwood constituency in Nottinghamshire , claiming that the selection process has been skewed in favour of the fiancée of a close aide Brown.

Telling The Times that she believes she has been the victim of dirty tricks by supporters of Emilie Oldknow, girlfriend to Brown’s political secretary.

“I feel I have been totally stitched up. My face does not fit. I believe I am being used in a process that from the outside looks fair but is a way of parachuting a candidate into the position because she has family links to Gordon Brown,” she said.

A similar case happened earlier this year when the leadership attempt to place the 22-year-old daughter of Blair's favorate advisor Philip Gould in the safe seat of Erith and Thamesmead.

Of course, it couldn't happen here.

The very idea that a Labour selection process in Liverpool could be rigged to favour a young woman because she has links with a Labour leader is, well, completely unthinkable.


Your 'umble servant said...

Labour members'll be doffing their (designer) caps in Liverpool soon. Thank 'ee very much ma'am. much obliged I'm sure !

Anonymous said...

what about the Colin Firth deselection by the Fib Dems in Old Swan last year because his face didn't fit?

Bridget Jones said...

Colin Firth wasn't deselected, he just decided to concentrate on his film career.

Fact checker said...

As far as I know, his replacement didn't have any family connections with the current or previous leader.

If we are going to bring up every case of Labour councillors over the years that haven't been reselected, then I will be starting a very long list.

A real scouse boy said...

Another one of Luciana's lovies jumps in with both feet, as they try and throw in snippets of information they have heard to try and present themselves as knowing what's going on in Liverpool.

Don't rib them too much for their Freudian slip, after all Colin Firth is regarded as something of a heart throb down south.

Secret Labour Cllr said...

Big bust ups reported as loyalties are being tested in Kensington.. in all fairness Wendy deserved to be backed by the MP and her lack Baldock, however they must have thought different.
The race for the seat is getting tasty.

William Ewart Gladstone (deceased) said...

Well the Labour selection is a sideshow really isn't it ? We all know that Colin Eldridge is going to be the next MP - it's just a question of how big his majority is going to be.