Saturday, December 26, 2009


I'm sorry to have to say that some humans are just scum!

I have received reports today that the dogs trust in Whiston has been raided by thieves who have stolen all the food stores for 100 of my homeless and hungry compatriots.

An urgent appeal has gone out for tinned food donations, and I myself have just donated a large part of my food stockpile.

If any of you can help, please do so!


Officer Dibble said...

Has JFK intervened yet ? Will she ask questions in the Dog-House ?

Davy Cateron said...

Dude, I know that a lot of your mates don't approve of us pussies and we don't care for a lot of your mates but this should bring us together in a common cause. A cats and dogs parliament might be the way forward.

Anonymous said...

These idiots are much lower than the Labour party members who voted to get rid of the fire engines from Old Swan and the City Centre.......and Joe Ando say "oh no they didnt" and the Lib Dems said "oh yes they did". The facts are LABOUR did vote with the TORIES to remove the fire engines from Old Swan and the City Centre, despite a Lib Dem amendment to reinstate the engines. Looks like Joe Ando's bandwagon is rolling again.........the Liebour party are alive and kicking in Liverpool!!!!

Disgusted said...

Go on Joe-Bo explain your sick party's actions to the people in the Burns Units !