Friday, December 11, 2009

Behind the times

As you know I regularly trawl the web looking for juicy titbits to offer you, my lovely readers, with news, gossip and entertainment that you may have missed.

Not surprisingly, I don't check the irrelevant Liverpool Censervative website very frequently, and clearly nether do they.

Any Conservative voter wanting to know how their campaign in Liverpool is going, can check their site here, and you will be pleased to know that "The City of Liverpool Conservatives' campaign for the May 2008 Local Elections is now in full swing with a programme of canvassing and leafleting well underway."

So how does that work then?

Ding Dong! "Good evening madam, I was your conservative candidate in last year's local elections. I was wondering if I could have been able to count on your support? Oh, OK you're still thinking about it. Well don't forget, the polling station closed at 10pm, 588 days ago."

Give them another five years and they will be looking forward to increasing their share of the vote in the 2010 General Election.


Anonymous said...

I thought all the Liverpool Tories joined the city's Lib Dems years ago?? Clein, Gould, etc.?

Hooray Henry said...

What's a Conservative ?

A real scouse boy said...

Don't forget to tell them that it was a two horse race but you were hoping to make it to third place.

London rules OK ? said...

Looks like March 25th then - before the end of April payslips and VAT rise ? Almost certain now that Labour and Tory candidates will be imposed from London too