Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Popular local boy cheated

Liverpool's popular and well known 2008 Lord Mayor has been cheated out of his dream of becoming an MP in his home town.

Proud working class Scouser, Steve Rotherham's bid was snubbed by Labour's decision to impose an all Luciana shortlist on Liverpool Wavertree.

Putting on a brave face, Cllr Rotheram said: “I’m disappointed...we need more women...But we also need more Scousers and working-class people.”

Click Liverpool reported Labour insiders as saying that, "beautiful, career politician" Luciana Berger was starting to look like a shew-in.

A Lib Dem campaign insider tells me that this shortlist was their dream result.

"Steve was always going to be the toughest challenger. He's the only popular well know name Labour have, and a genuinely nice bloke. Whoever they pick now could have as little as 7 weeks to get their name known before polling day."

Rumour has it, Steve has instead now set his sights on challenging Joe Anderson for the leadership after the local election in May.


Anonymous said...

perhaps steve knows how many senior lib dems felt when they were brushed asisde for the winnable seat of Liverpool Wavertree by Bristol's Finest Colin Eldridge!

Muriel said...

Colin is going to be the bestest most marvellest MP ever in Liverpool