Tuesday, December 15, 2009

YOUR money for HER life

So people say that MPs have become the modern day highway men, but their latest trick to emerge is to take your money for their life insurance.

High on the list seems to be Wavertree's Jane Kennedy, who already announced she was standing down because of the fall out from the expenses scandal.

In June the Fees Office sent her this letter telling her that they could no longer pay for her life insurance cover with Barclays, at £7.50 a month.

But can someone tell me why the taxpayer was ever footing the bill for this? It was hardly a second home expense. Did she give this to herself as part of her employment incentive package?

Perhaps she regarded it as danger money, after she found herself without the 24 hour protection from Special Branch when she ceased to be a Northern Island Minister?

Stand and deliver!


Anonymous said...

It must be tough having to live as a normal person without a body guard. Maybe life insurance made her feal more secure

Dick Turpentine said...

Hey, thats not all Dude. What's all that about her, also, claiming for her TV licence, British Gas [Services] and Virgin Media? Is there no end to this god-awful womans sheer greed? This one's likely to run and run.