Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mean spirtied

As many of you will have seen, those nice Lib Dems have been out and about delivering thousands of Christmas cards to the good humans of Liverpool.

And what a lively card it is, penguins and lambananas playing together in the snow.

Local councillors have scrimped and saved to pay for it to be printed, before trundling off into the cold to deliver them.

Finally I have been able to see a copy of Jane Kennedy's Christmas Card, OK nice picture drawn by a local school child, and a big advert inside to say that it was paid for by mail order shopping company, Shop Direct!

How tight fisted and mean spirited can you get? Is there anything this woman pays for herself?

Is this because she blew all of her "communications expenses" on leaflets before she decided she couldn't win?

And what message does this send out? Your local Labour MP want's you to buy your Christmas gifts by mail order instead of supporting local shops.

Bah Humbug!


Anonymous said...


regardless of the result in May, you will never be able to say you have beat Jane Kennedy. EVER
And I bet that drives you liberal scumbags to distraction

and the jealously that Jane can attract sponsership from Littlewoods is ripe!

That card you lot have delivered might just be the most pathetic cheap looking bit of tat i have ever looked at. Laughable, not even folded correctly!

Anonymous said...

Shop Direct employ a lot of people in this city.

Anonymous said...

Well I never, not only has lame Jane got sponsorship for her Chrimbo card, but so has squeaky clean (following spending £7,000 on her bathroom at our expense) Maria Eagle. Are we surprised they never dig deep for anything, except to rake up any old dirt on their opponents, whatever their political colours - reminiscent of the BNP!!!!!

Su-Bo said...

Lets welcome Louise Baldock to the party...

sword of truth said...

I have always thought it very dangerous for politicians who claim to represent local people to seek and accept sponsorship from local organisations. What if an issue came up around Shop Direct and labour politicians in Liverpool had to oppose or support something. Would they be compromised by having accepted the money? On the whole its a lot better to avoid sponsorship. Some time ago the Labour party took sponsorship from John Lennon airport. What does that mean when expansion plans are being debated?

can't believe we're not bitter said...

Actually, regardless of the result in May, we will be able to say we forced Jane Kennedy - until recently the most powerful MP on Merseyside - to turn tail and quit parliament.

How many campaigns get such a result?

And this was achieved by simply doing the job that Trinity Mirror journalists were unwilling or unable to do - i.e. exposing Jane Kennedy's own record and actions.

And if anything proved we were right, it was the story about her demanding that the fees office refund her banking charges because they were late paying her expenses the previous month. How greedy and self serving can you get?

You really shouldn't flatter yourself that Jane was any great personal target, most of us have never encountered her. And as a constituency campaigner she made little impact, too interested in spending time being important in London or in her house in France to be any real threat. Even when she did put out a leaflet, it was a non political Parliamentary Report (done on expenses) because despite her £100k a year salary + expenses, she was too tight fisted to put her hand in her own pocket.

Anonymous said...

You cant be anything but personal even on Christmas day can you? You are nothing but a mindless cretin.