Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Under cover campaigner

Ornithologists have been reporting that global warming has affected bird migration and we are seeing our feathered friends venturing much further north than ever before.

One ambitious little bird, deeply rooted in the south, was spotted hundreds of miles from home in Wavertree last weekend.

The frequently spotted Berger was seen dashing about the constituency in a rushed attempt to raise her profile before she lands in front of a selection panel in January.

All of this is very hush hush of course. There has been no mention of this in her blog or any of the leaflets going out with her name on in London.

It wouldn't do to alert the voters of her safe ward in Camden that she wants to abandon them, before they have even had a chance to vote for her. People might actually question her loyalty and commitment.

They might feel hurt, they might feel betrayed, they might not care. But it seems that the highly ambitious Luciana is quite prepared to land an enormous bird dropping on her colleagues in St Pancras & Somers Town Ward, and the residents she claims to be committed to fighting for.

Perhaps therein lies a warning for her new colleagues in Liverpool and her prospective electorate oop north.


A real scouse boy said...

Give her a better offer and you won't see her feathers for dust!

Anonymous said...

Surely she must feel insulted at being told to go for a seat like Wavertee? Something with a 10,000 majority at least, that will survive the oncoming storm.

flat cap n' whippet said...

The only clue is her twitter on Virgin Trains being too cold for her to sleep.

Tweet Tweet!

Grim up north said...

What address will she have on the ballot paper?

C/O Lou-Bo's spare room?

bon viveur said...

Rumour has it Walton will be available soon. Nice majority but Bo-Ho it isn't!

Chalton Street NW1 said...

Thank you for highlighting this, as a Somers Town voter I'm appalled that Ms Berger is keeping us in the dark about this plan to abandon us.

I spoke to her only a few weeks ago about a problem, and I was led to believe she was completely committed to fighting for Somers Town.

Talk about ambition before principals. It just shows that you can't trust any politician these days.

Anonymous said...

Baldock certainly seems to have taken a shine to Lucy

Anonymous said...

Have you nothing better to do than sneer at an articulate attractive young woman who's willing to up sticks from London to come and represent us?

So what if she doesn't live here. Since when was living in a constituency a qualification to stand?

Anonymous said...


You have heard of the saying that no publicity is bad publicity??

What an insane attack line, when Eldridge himself sounds like a proper Bristol farmer

"candidate in local authority election resigns in favour of parliamentary election"

what a scandal that would be....er not

Fact checker said...


Have you got any proof to back up that accusation?

As far as I recall, Eldridge was living and working in Liverpool long before he was selected to stand for the council or for parliament.

That's hardly the same as arriving with your carpet bag weeks before the General Election, abandoning another seat you had been selected to fight for on the same day.

Barry The Badger said...

That's a bit rich considering we are currently represented by Farm Girl Jane, who's highest profile campaign has been for the slaughter of badgers.

What have we ever done to her? Is this really the biggest menace in Wavertree?

My children have been able to sleep more soundly at night knowing that the nasty lady will soon be gone.

Rock Salmon and six pennorth of chips said...

The World is her oyster but battered oysters, pommes frittes and guacamole aren't readily available down Kenny way. Mind you I've always been partial to a battered burger which, electorally, she would undoubtedly be if she was daft enough to bring her Hello ! style to Liverpool.

Gino said...

As they're so close now perhaps La Burger and Jane could go into business after May producing Badger Burgers (I mean neither will be on the Parliamentary gravy train will they ?) Approach the Countryside Alliance now and get Con/Lab agreement on the mass slaughter of badgers. Nice little earner eh ?

Anonymous said...


Can you explain to me how Colin was living and working here when he was a member of Bristol city council?

it appears your fact checking has gone array

Colin came here as he fancied himself as an MP in the Lib dems then flagship city (stop snigering at the back)

He was telling all and sundry he was going to win as late as the count in 2005. no doubt we have to go through the same rigmarol again in May.

If I was Col, Id be furious at Bradleys hopeless mismanagment of the council (how many lab cllrs where there when he took over and how many are there now??... exactly)

which has cos him this seat

He is prob too busy pulping his plan A masterplan of hammering Jane K on expenses though....

Fact checker said...

Well having done some more fact checking, Colin Eldridge ceased to be a Bristol Councillor on 12th March 2001.


He was selected as a candidate on 29th July 2003.

So he was living and working in Liverpool for more than two years before becoming a candidate and 4 years before the election.

Are you seriously comparing that with someone who lives in London, has been selected to stand in London, but 20 weeks before the election want's to jump ship and stand in Liverpool instead?

Ferret down t' trousers said...

The Luciana Lovies sure are touchy aren't they

The Roedean dorm's jolly japesters said...

We think peeps should stop being so frightfully beastly about Luciana.
Oh, and we do so like that councillor Louise who makes us all laugh so much. A jolly good sport ! Her record album sales were boosted by us girls here I can bally well tell you !

Guacamole Joe said...

Fact Checker...good response though I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for an apology. Labourites are past masters at saying things first and thinking later. I wonder if JK's regretting throwing in the towel so early considering the distinctly lacklustre calibre of her doomed "successors".