Monday, December 28, 2009

In the best possible taste

In this season of cheer I thought it appropriate to dispense with hard politics and instead bring together two of the themes of Christmas, religion and light entertainment!

I did have some left over sausage and bacon rolls to offer you as well, unfortunately I ate them a few hours ago in a late night attack of the munchies!

Today's characters on offer do have political connections though. One a born and bred Scouser who appeared at the Tory Party Conference announcing a plan to bomb Russia

The other now adopted to the city, but sent in by Blair to be Labour's Bishop in Liverpool. Fortunately he seems to have become disillusioned with new Labour, like the rest of the population.


Anonymous said...

Its very funny, even the Liverpool Rose Party have got rid of the word Labour, they have disowned that dreadful word, well according to the latest Old Swan Rose which proclaims Joe Ando's daughter is fighting to reinstate the fire engine from Old Swan, the same one her Dad's colleagues voted NOT to reinstate only a few weeks ago - surprised, not really 40 faced Joe Ando will change his views many times over as he craves power and anything goes.........watch out Rose Bailey, Steve Munby, Louise Baldock and many more.


Joe-Bo's not got a principled bone in his body. He is a sad sicko !

Mrs Furious Gay said...


Curiously the Bish (though i'm not one to bash) was once against my kind. He curiously changed his mind last year.

Ambition burns even in the most holy of quarters!